How To Date a Stalker,CNF in [PANK]

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1. Revel in how good-looking he is, how he channels Jude Law when his lazy eye doesn’t wander, how his weaving a ghillie suit that he keeps in the rusted hutch of his white pick-up shows exceptional dedication.

2. Convince yourself it’s meaningful because he plays Nina Simone as you disrobe and paw at each other for the first time. Pay no attention when the music flips to “The Piña Colada Song.” Read more…


The Spinning Field, flash fiction, AROHO Orlando Prize

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We are silk people. That’s what I tell the dipshits at my new high school, but they call me Spider-Girl. They yell, Hey, Spider-Girl! Tarantula-Breath! Arachne! Because in Tarpon Springs, everyone’s Greek. Read more…

This piece was first published in Los Angeles Review, then reprinted by the amazing people at A Room of Her Own who awarded me the Orlando Prize.

Heliciculture, Runner-up 2015 Howard Frank Mosher Short Fiction Prize in Hunger Mountains

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Ask anyone in Greece and they will tell you the same: our snails are best. From all over they come to our village in Crete to pluck the mollusks from their swirling shells and feel the soft dissolve against their tongues. My yia-yia says other restaurants are all the time with noise at dinner, but Artemidoros is quiet, a hum. Read more…

“Silence, Stillness” CNF in Hippocampus Magazine

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I never say abuse. Instead, I slide into cliché. It was no picnic, I say. Had a rough childhood, but the texture means nothing to anyone else. Rough: my father’s cracked hands, the sound of them dragged across blankets in search of my curled body, hands full of static and Read more…

“Operation,” CNF in Sundog Lit

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1. Waiting Room

Muzak earworms a song so deep into your subconscious that for weeks afterwards: hum, hum, hum. And it’s Juice Newton. It’s Steely Dan. The Girl from Freaking Ipanema. Read more…

“Game Day,” flash fiction in Hobart

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In my phone sex voice I say, the quesadilla of the day is caramelized onion and chorizo. Chef makes ‘em special. Sure, I say: $5 house wines, $2 off apps. Would you like to start a tab? I nod a lot. Sometimes I remember to smile. Read more…

“Songs of Our Lives: Dead Kennedy’s ‘Chemical Warfare’,” nonfiction in The Rumpus

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July 18, 2014

“Songs of Our Lives: Dead Kennedy’s ‘Chemical Warfare’,”

 In 1987, at a family arcade in New Jersey, I’d hoarded enough Skee-ball tickets for a real prize—not just some ratty stuffed animal. I claimed my bounty with fervor: a single-tape boombox small enough to keep under the covers and muffle the sounds of my parents’ endless fighting. In the dark, the volume at just one bar, I’d lie with my ear pressed against the speaker mesh, my index finger poised, waiting to hit record on any of the groups I loved…Read more…

“Landlines,” flash nonfiction in Brevity

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We ran for ringing phones. Loitering in front of Sbarro, sweating through our bomber jackets, our hair partially shaved and streaked blue. We looked tough in our Docs (though not so tough as we thought), and at one ring, maybe a two hundred-foot clip, we’d abandon the food court to get there first. More often than not, Read more…

McSweeney’s Bingo Card

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Insanely, inexplicably, McSweeney’s said yes to my submission and the piece went viral.

The original Faculty Bingo card is here.

The Chronicle of Higher Education picking it up and encouraging people to fill it out is here.

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